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Paonia Farm and Home Supply, also known as Paonia’s do-it-yourself center, wants to show your project(s) with pictures to inspire our community to get started with their project.  Please come into the store and share your before, during, and after pictures of your projects, gardens, remodeling efforts, and farm animals.

Attracting and Feeding Hummingbirds

Creating beautiful gardens that tantalize the eyes and attract hummingbirds produces an indescribable joy and delight.   For centuries, gardeners have been fascinated with the beauty, antics, and aerobatics of hummingbirds. At Paonia Farm and Home we encourage you to plant flowers and design gardens that fashion a bird friendly environment or incorporate clusters of hummingbird feeders in your yard and landscape.

Fun Facts about Hummingbird

Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are very common

  • Hummingbirds are the tiniest of all birds, weighing less than an ounce and measuring only 3 inches long.
  • During migration, some hummingbirds make a non-stop 500 mile flight over the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Unlike other birds, a hummingbird can rotate its wings in a circle. Because of this special hummingbird fact, they are the only bird that can fly both forwards and backwards. They can also fly up, down, sideways, hover in one spot, or fly upside down for short distances.
  • The hummingbird flight muscles make up 30% of a hummingbirds total body weight.
  • Their brightly-colored, iridescent feathers and quick movements make them appear as living sun catchers—hence their nickname, flying jewels.
  • They can hover in midair when sipping nectar from brightly–colored flowers with their long, slender beaks.
  • While whizzing about the garden, hummingbirds expend so much energy that they must eat at least half of their body weight each day to replace the 12,000 calories that they can burn up. This means eating almost constantly from sunrise to sunset and visiting over a thousand flowers every day.


Flowers Will Attract Hummingbirds

In general orange and red flowers and colors attract the birds. Examples of annuals and perennials that can be incorporated into border areas and flower beds and are also known for attracting Hummingbirds include:

Gorgeous Colored Bee Balm Variety
Gorgeous Colored Bee Balm Variety
  •  Penstemon
    Butterfly bush
    Coral bells
    Scarlet sage
    Summer phlox

Hummingbird Nectar Mix

Hummingbird Feeder with Bird Perch

To prepare safe hummingbird food: Mix 1 part sugar with 4 parts water and bring to a boil to kill any bacteria or mold present. Cool the sugar solution and fill the feeder.  When water is plentiful, the solution can be increased to 1 part sugar to 3 parts water, or 1/3 cup sugar to 1 Cup water.

Other tips for making the hummingbird nectar include:

  • Never add red food color to sugar water.
  • Never use commercial mixes that have red dyes. Nectar in flowers is clear, and red food coloring may be harmful for hummingbirds.
  • Never use honey to make hummingbird food – when honey is diluted with water, bacteria and fungus thrive in it. Table sugar is perfect.

Selecting Hummingbird Feeders

The two most important issues to consider in selecting hummingbird feeders are how easy they are to take apart and clean, and how large they are. Bacteria and mold grow in sugar water, and sugar ferments, so hummingbird water should never be left out for more than two or three days, and changed daily in very hot weather.

The easier it is to clean a hummingbird feeder, the more likely you are to do it often and well. The fill hole should be large enough for you to be able to get a bottlebrush inside, and every crevice should be easy to scrub.

The best-sized feeders are those that are emptied every day or two by the hummingbirds you have. Hummingbirds are usually extremely territorial around feeding sites, and so four tiny feeders with one feeding port each, set in different trees or at different windows, will attract and maintain more hummingbirds than one large feeder with eight ports.

Bottle or tube hummingbird feeders can be glass or plastic, often with red plastic flowers and bee guards (little plastic screens that keep insects away from the sugar solution) on the feeding ports.

If the bee guards are yellow, they may, ironically, attract bees. Plastic saucer-type hummingbird feeders have feeding ports in the top, making them fairly bee-and wasp-proof. These feeders often have little moats in the center that should be filled with regular tap water—that will keep ants from climbing down the support wire or rod and getting to the sugar water.

Always avoid locating your hummingbird feeder in direct sun. Fermented sugar solution repels birds, and attracts ants and bees.


Soil Prep Success


Early Spring is a great time to prepare your raised beds and garden areas for planting.

Whether your soil is sandy or clay-like, the soil benefits most from organic material rather than fertilizers.

Clay like soils clays have the advantages of holding water well and being naturally fertile so organic amendments will loosen tightly packed clay particles to make space for air so critical to plant root growth.Soil-in-hand2

Conversely, sandy soils benefit from organics because it creates a  sponge like action and helps hold water for plant growth and add nutrients essential to plant growth.

Successful North Fork gardeners know the best soil amendments contain organic materials such as compost, peat, manure, grass clippings, shredded bark and leaves, chicken waste, and other similar materials which provide vital nutrition  and micro organisms that nourish healthy plants.

Fork or till in lots of organic matter for optimum results

Fork or till in lots of organic matter for optimum results

If you are amending your garden soil, master gardeners recommend spreading a 2 to 4 inch layer of organic material over the soil and till or dig it in to a depth of approximately 6 to 10 inches.

For every 1000 square feet of soil area that will amount to four cubic yards of organic material. This principle applies to any type of planting. Garden soils that cultivate vegetables and perennials, the soil should be amended every year.

Obviously, carefully regulate the amount of water applied for best plant growth.

Paonia Farm and Home supplies a wide variety of organic soil amendments from Paonia Soil Co., FoxFarm, Fertilome, and other suppliers.

Biodynamic products produced here in Paonia by Paonia Soil Co:

The Bomb  The ultimate all-natural professional potting mix that is amended with everything needed to make your plants explode.
Veggie Dressing 

Our higher nitrogen, lower phosphorous, fully cured compost blend for fertilizing either by blending or top dressing. Due to the full cure, these composts will never burn your plants and are teaming with beneficial microorganisms. The higher nitrogen and lower phosphorous make this product ideal for allowing beneficial myccorhyzal fungi to get started.  Say goodbye to chemical fertilizers or the work of mixing liquid nutrients.

Flower Dressing

Our high phosphorous, fully cured compost blend for fertilizing your flowering plants either by blending or top dressing.   Flower Dressing produces unbelievably large and fragrant blooms in most species of flowering plants.   Once again there is no need for chemical fertilizers or the work of mixing liquid nutrients.

Raised Bed Mix

Add this blend to your existing garden or freshly turned top soil for the easiest and quickest way to convert your yard dirt into world class soil.  CSH includes both compost dressings and Coir Peat along other concentrated ingredients.

 FoxFarm Products

HapHappyFrog_12QT_8e48c47bd5ad3d41fff3627ccd91c523py Frog soils and fertilizer  supply unique blends alive with beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi that work in harmony with nature to gently provide nutrition at the root zone.

Oceanforest_1.5CF_8d025fce0ea09b07e4c6688410846b60Ocean Forest  Good Things From the Earth and Sea!  The ultimate potting soil—everything your plants need, in one bag. Ocean Forest® is a powerhouse blend of premium earthworm castings, bat guano, and sea-going fish and crab meal.

We invite you to join gardeners and farmers alike who are enjoying the benefits of organic gardening.


Fertilome line of potting soil mixes

The Ultimate Potting Mix is our all-purpose performer. Everything necessary to grow most indoor and outdoor plants can be found in this general purpose formula. The Ultimate Potting Mix is the mix that will work well for germination seeds as well as hanging baskets.


Natural Guard Garden Soil is 100% OMRI Certified Organic. It is made with Canadian Black Peat Moss which is rich with Humates and Fulvic Acids for rapid root growth and holds up to 12 times its weight in water. Also includes Worm Castings and Kelp Meal. Worm Castings is one of nature’s richest organic soil amendments. Kelp Meal provides organic plant nutrition for increased garden harvest and beautiful flowers. It’s a perfect solution for raised vegetable and flower beds.

Celebrating Thirty Years – Tim Schneider

Thanking Tim Schneider for 30 Years of Service

Congratulations to Tim Schneider, lifelong Paonia native, who has marked thirty years of employment and service to Paonia Farm and Home Supply , a remarkable and unusual accomplishment of dedication and devotion. Jim and Linda Link, store owners, wish to honor Tim publicly and invite the Paonia Community to express their appreciation to Tim as well.

Tim3Tim, born on a dairy farm near the current Alfred Eames Winery on 4050 Road, was raised and educated in the community he still calls home.

During high school, when Tim was 16 years of age, he joined the Boy Scouts and completed his Eagle Scout award, an extraordinary achievement, finished in just two short years. Through Boy Scouts in particular, Tim began to develop character qualities of loyalty, commitment, perseverance, and reliability, which have served to shape and direct his life as a husband, father, and employee over the last forty years..

After completing high school locally, Tim attended, then Mesa College and earned a two-year degree in Police Science. Later he completed the Police Academy to become a State Patrolman. In the late seventies, Tim was denied employment in what today is known as reverse discrimination.

In spite of that major disappointment, Schneider returned to the construction industry with his Dad during a mini- home construction boom in Paonia during the late seventies. Interestingly, one of the home’s Tim’s father built with his help includes this author’s current residence on Lamborn Mesa.

Marriage and Early Career Experiences

During this time period, Theresa (Tim’s wife), her brother, and her parents, were involved in a serious car accident which killed Theresa’s parents, injured her brother, and caused her to suffer a severe brain trauma. During Theresa’s long convalescence , Tim remained committed to Theresa while his parents helped nurse her back to health so that eventually Tim and Theresa were married in 1979.

Thirty year employee of Paonia Farm and Home

Thirty year employee of Paonia Farm and Home

When the Westmoreland mine (in the area known as Steven’s Gulch) closed because of fire (hence the name Fire Mountain) the local building boom ended and Tim found himself tossed between a variety of jobs including a remodel of the Bross Hotel, owning his own tire shop, School Bus Driver, and part time employee for Paonia Farm and Home Supply before the Link’s became owners.

In due course, Tim chose to quit the part time school bus job, and commit to full-time employment with Paonia Farm a decision he has never regretted.

Tim’s Specialties for the store

During his long tenure at Paonia Farm and Home, Tim’s vast forte of knowledge and expertise includes being “our go-to person” on animal husbandry questions; anything from raising all kinds of poultry to horse training, being the paint mixing expert, getting customers to smile, and other Specialties.    Of the many services and products available at the store, many customers may not know that Tim offers tool handle replacement, lamp repair, and Window and Door Screen Replacement service.

Thank Tim For His Accomplishments

Jim Link, has remarked that “Tim makes the fewest mistakes in paint”, and serves both his employer and the customer with accurate, and reliable work. Tim’s love, admiration, and long-term commitment to the Link’s is matched by Jim and Linda’s admiration and appreciation for Tim’s loyalty and dedication to them, the store, and the community. Please take time to recognize and thank Tim Schneider the next time you are in the store.




Love Your Pets With Holistic Pet Foods

Healthy Puppies
Healthy Puppies

Pet owners want to feed their cats and dogs healthy, nutritious pet food.  However, not all pet foods are created equally!  Many bargain priced foods provide the minimum amount of nutrition and have inadvertently contained unsafe and potentially harmful ingredients that were later recalled.  Just like people, 90% of pet  health problems such as disease, shortened life spans, and joint pain are directly linked to their food.

Examples of detrimental ingredients in pet food include:

  • Artificial ingredients, flavors, and colors used to make food look more palatable
  • Contain fillers made of waste products,
  • Animal by-products
  • Grain wastes
  • GMO ingredients
  • Ingredients considered unfit for human consumption

According to the website Dogfoodadvisor.com:

Sadie is a large dog who benefits from grain-free dog food

Sadie is a large dog who benefits from grain-free dog food

Pet food companies have become important waste disposal vehicles for the human food industry, a sinister way for manufacturers to use and profit from their own garbage.”

Fortunately, there are two lines of pet food, Pro-Pac, and Earthborne Holistic, that contain safe, high quality ingredients, optimum nutrition, no recalled ingredients, no fillers  no waste products or by-products, but simply nutritious Ingredients and grain –free options.  In addition, Pro-Pac and Earthborne don’t add in big brand advertising costs.

Benefits of Healthier foods for pets:

  • Brother and Sister Boxers

    Brother and Sister Boxers

    Strong Bones

  • Glossier coats
  • Healthy Teeth
  • No itching and scratching
  • No bad doggy smells from skin, bad breath or other odor problems
  • More energetic pets
  • Less filler means less poop to clean-up and food goes further (smaller portions)
  • Less joint pain and stiffness
  • Less arthritic pain
  • Save on unnecessary vet bills and medications
  • 100% satisfaction Guarantee

 EarthbornEarthborn Holistic 

Earthborne Holistic Foods offers a wholesome approach to dog and cat nutrition including grain-free formulas with delicious options for your pets’ unique nutritional needs.  Every holistic pet food formula is designed to offer balanced nutrients that support your pet’s overall health and physical well-being.

Earthborn’s  goal is to produce delicious, natural food for your pet and create awareness about our environment, too. Earthborn Holistic® is whole food nutrition born from the earth. Love your pet. Love your planet.  Earthborn Pet foods are made in America!

The pet food formulas contain high-quality ingredients  including:

  • digestible proteins
  • fruits and vegetables
  • an exact blend of vitamins, minerals and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids
  • A variety of sizes, grain-free formulas and canned or moist formulas for dogs and cats

 ProPac Dog FoodsProPac

There’s a PRO PAC ® superpremium formula for every stage of your dog’s life.  That’s why our special formulations contain only the highest-quality ingredients, for unsurpassed nutrition and palatability.  Pro-Pac is manufactured in the USA.

Each carefully selected ingredient has a purpose. We choose nature’s finest digestible proteins, fruits and vegetables and an exact blend of vitamins, minerals and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Every formula, including grain-free formulas offer delicious options for your pet’s unique nutritional needs.

PRO PAC ® Dog is highly digestible. More nutrition stays in your dog, so he needs to eat less. That means there’s less digestive waste, and you save money.

Visit the store to see the entire product line of Pro-Pac and Earthborn Holistic Pet Foods.



Gardening Talks

Sponsored by Paonia Farm and HomeGardening Talks

Gardening Talks

John Buerger,  with Alpha Natural Holistic Land Management, will be presenting three talks on Organic gardening on the third Monday of January, February, and March at the Blue Sage in Paonia.  John Beurger is a Colorado native, who grew up on a family farm and ranch in Middle Park. John was a loner who shunned sports to spend as much time Out of Doors observing landscapes and soil conditions, hunting arrowheads & dreaming about falconry.

John attended Mesa Jr College from 1966 – 69, receiving his  AS in Agriculture Science. He was a Peace Corp Volunteer in Ecuador  for agriculture and community development. Then during the internet age, he narrowed his interests to No Chemical, Non toxic Land management. When he received the opportunity to start Alpha Natural in 1996, he took on the Philosophy “Any Time, Place or Anywhere” and took on calls where he learned to harness Nature to manage Nature .

Mark your calendar for the next two upcoming talks as well:

The Carbon Connection    February 17, 2014 – 6:30 pm at the Blue Sage in Paonia    The overall soils of our area are Carbon Deficient and dominated by complex minerals. John Beurger will explain the importance of Soil Carbon in Soil Health and Fertility. What materials are good, better and best to apply and why. He will also discuss costs vs. return. 
Small Acreage Soil Management  March 17, 2014- 6:30 pm at the Blue Sage in Paonia

John Beurger will discuss how to combine and apply certain products to build soils, break alkalinity, soften clays, resist drought conditions, retain moisture and encourage certain plants and discouraging others.

Sponsored by Paonia Farm and Home Supply

Paonia Farm and Home Supply